Door Antoine van Lune op 26 februari 2014

Don’t throw your vote away!

The next election for the municipal council of Maastricht will be held on wednesday the 19th of March 2014.
You don’t have to be Dutch to have voting rights in these elections.

Citizens of other EU member states – f.e. students, ex-pats -, who are registrated in the GBA (gemeentelijke basisadministratie) in the Netherlands have the right to vote and to stand for election in their city of residence subject to the same conditions as Dutch citizens.
Citizens from countries outside the European Union must have resided in the Netherlands for five years to vote or stand for election. (Source:


In the Netherlands, elections for the municipal councils take place every four years.
The Netherlands has over 400 municipalities. Municipalities are responsible for the organisation of the elections. The size of a municipal council depends on the number of inhabitants of the municipality. The number of municipal councillors – and thus seats – is always an odd number.

This is what a ‘stempas’ looks like:

stempas 1

Don’t throw your vote in the wastebin!

Design PvdA Maastricht flyer ‘Don’t throw your vote away’ by

Antoine van Lune

Antoine van Lune

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